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Book launch: Saving Jazz by Kate McCaffrey - News

Book launch: Saving Jazz by Kate McCaffrey

July 29, 2016

What would you do if your mistakes went viral? That's just what Jasmine Lovely has to decide in a new YA novel by Kate McCaffrey. Saving Jazz will be launched at 7 pm on Tuesday 9 August at Sacred Heart College.

McCaffrey said the main event in Saving Jazz featured an online crime that might confront many people.

'The novel is written from the perspective of one of the perpetrators of the sex crime, who is a girl,' said McCaffrey. She said when she wrote Destroying Avalon ten years ago cyberbullying was just being discovered and delivered through what we now regard as rudimentary devices.

'It allowed for anonymity and secrecy. Now, with a smart phone in every hand, access to the internet is unlimited, and with the evolution of the selfie has come greater identity exposure,' said McCaffrey.

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