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WA kids say Viking creators are number one - News

WA kids say Viking creators are number one

November 26, 2015

WA kids say Viking creators are number one

Norman Jorgensen and James Foley’s The Last Viking Returns has won the Hoffman Award, an award given to the highest ranked creators in the West Australian Young Readers’ Book Awards. This is the third win for Jorgensen and the second for Foley.

Jorgensen said the award was his favourite because the shortlisted and winning books were all chosen and voted on by children – the actual readers.

‘This award reminds me that, maybe, I have tapped into their world, even if it is just for the length of a story.

‘I have won the Hoffman Award three times, and I’ve got the trophies on my hall table to prove it. I’m extremely proud of them. Jack’s Island was the first, followed by The Last Viking and now The Last Viking Returns,’ said Jorgensen.

Foley, who was also shortlisted for his book In the Lion, joked that he had bribed all the kids with opening night tickets to Star Wars Episode 7.

‘It’s just nice to know that kids in WA are reading the books and enjoying them enough to vote for them,’ said Foley.

With such resounding success, young Western Australians must be wondering whether or not Knut the Viking will return for a third book.

‘The Viking may return one day, when the Norse Gods need young Knut’s help in rescuing them from mortal danger again,’ said Jorgensen.

With the fate of Knut in the balance, young readers need not despair. Jorgensen is working on a swashbuckling historical novel called The Smuggler’s Curse, while Foley is channelling his inner robot for Brobot. Both books are scheduled for release in 2016.

The West Australian Young Readers’ Book Award is a statewide readers’ choice award. Young people are invited to read titles and assess them on a scale. The Hoffman Award is granted to the highest ranked WA author.

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