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Solo exhibition for Hughes-Odgers - News

Solo exhibition for Hughes-Odgers

June 16, 2015

Author and illustrator Kyle Hughes-Odgers will launch his solo exhibition Satellite on Friday 26 June at Turner Galleries in Northbridge.

Kyle, whose most recent books are On a Small Island and the soon to be released Can a Skeleton Have an X-ray?, is known for his large-scale street art. His murals adorn buildings across Perth and he has created artwork extensively throughout Australia and internationally.

Kyle said his latest exhibition explored macro and micro worlds.

‘The abstract paintings are based around mapping exercises – worlds and environments that the viewer is looking at almost from space,’ said Kyle.

The exhibition is made up of 18 paintings, three framed large drawings and small sculptural wooden bottles.

‘I have been working on the paintings for the last six months but playing with the concept for around two years,’ said Kyle.

Keeping a visual diary with him at all times, he marked down ideas and concepts that he found interesting. Kyle said it was then that he noticed a recurring thread of ideas around mapping, scale and path-finding, which encouraged him to explore these ideas further in his final works.

This will be the Perth-based artist’s third solo exhibition at Turner Galleries. Other shows in 2015 will include an exhibition of illustrations from the book On a Small Island at the Literature Centre in July, a solo exhibition at the Okazi Gallery in Berlin in August and a residency and exhibition in Swinton and Grant gallery in Madrid in October.

Satellite runs from 26 June to 25 July at Turner Galleries, 470 William Street in Northbridge. For more information visit

On a Small Island and Ten Tiny Things are available in all good bookstores and online. Can a Skeleton Have an X-ray? will go on sale in November 2015.