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Scribblers gets a standing ovation as first festival comes to a close

The inaugural Scribblers Festival held earlier this month in Claremont closed to rapturous applause from authors, publishers and attendees alike. From junior podcasters to illustration workshops, laureate gatherings and debates on the importance of school libraries, the 2018 Scribblers Festival had something for all lovers of children’s literature.

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An Australian classic returns home

Fremantle Press is pleased to announce the publication of three new editions of A Fortunate Life by A.B. Facey. First published by Fremantle Press (formerly Fremantle Arts Centre Press) in 1981, A Fortunate Life was licensed to Penguin in the same year. 

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James Foley’s top tips for budding cartoonists

Behind every successful creator is a first story, a first line, a first drawing. James Foley’s passion for art started young, with a step-by-step drawing of Bart Simpson and some ‘public murals’ on and underneath the tables of his childhood home. These days, James writes and illustrates for a living, and regularly presents to schoolkids and encourages them to get stuck into their art. This month James took a few moments to share his top tips for getting into (and staying into) cartooning.

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