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Seven book launches in seven days, free events with Cristy Burne - Free stuff

Seven book launches in seven days, free events with Cristy Burne

November 5, 2020

For her new book, Beneath the Trees, author, scientist and STEAM specialist Cristy Burne is offering primary schools the chance to host one of seven book launches in seven days. Whether in class, online or at assembly, Cristy will give your students a rip-roaring sneak peek at her brand-new adventure story for ages six to ten. All you have to do is provide a strong cup of tea and a wildly enthusiastic young audience.

Cristy Burne grew up climbing trees, jumping drains, chasing cows and inventing stories. She has a passion for learning through doing and loves to inspire creativity, daring and resilience in her readers. Her environmentally-themed adventure stories for ages six to ten are all about encouraging young readers to get outside to connect with nature.

In Beneath the Trees, sisters Cam and Sophie can’t wait to get to the rainforest, the river and their cousins. They just want to see a platypus in the wild! But with the rain tipping down and the river turning wild, they can’t see a thing. Until suddenly, they can. A platypus is just below them, and it needs help! But when their rescue attempt goes horribly wrong, it’s not just the platypus that needs saving ...

Book launches will take place in the first week of Term 1, February 2021. This is a first-come first-served opportunity so book your launch now by emailing