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Children's author Julia Lawrinson explores how fiction can open up discussions about morality in the classroom

Julia Lawrinson’s new novel, Maddie in the Middle, is the story of schoolgirl friendships, peer pressure and the notion of right and wrong. When Maddie makes friends with new girl Samara, she finds herself stealing chocolate to raise money to help Samara’s family. But when they get caught, Maddie ends up taking the blame. Did Maddie do the wrong thing, even if it was for the right reasons?

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Is your company thinking about publishing a book? Fremantle Press CEO Jane Fraser discusses when and why organisations might hire a publishing consultant

So you and your company are thinking about publishing a book. Maybe the book is to help you commemorate a milestone or anniversary, or maybe you want to share your story with your community or create a permanent record of your legacy. Whatever the reason, publishing a book is a significant financial investment, so all companies want to put their best foot forward.

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