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CEO says books aren’t built in a day

Despite careful planning, years in advance, I’m still occasionally surprised by the way certain topics or themes emerge across a year-long publishing program. After reading Marcella Polain’s Driving into the Sun – and knowing that James Foley was working on a graphic novel called Chickensaurus – I thought that perhaps 2019 might end up being the year of the chook. Instead, we seem to have deserted the henhouse and taken up residence in the architect’s office.

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CEO says Wavesound has acquired audio rights for new Warner novel

DAVE WARNER IS A STAR. I know you all knew that but I just wanted to underline it in bold caps. Not only is his book Clear to the Horizon on the longlist for the International Dublin Literary Award but he’s also just written a swell new crime novel set in the early sixties when surf music ruled the waves. River of Salt will be out in April 2019. We’ve just sold the audio rights to Wavesound and Dave will be touring far and wide from Woy Woy to Western Australia. We highly recommend him as a speaker, performer and guest panellist so get hold of our marketing team to secure him for your events.

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