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Reflections on representation, illustration and diversity from an Indigenous perspective

Representation matters, including in picture book illustrations. Perhaps especially in illustrations, because children are fluent in the language of art in a way that most adults are not. There is no aspect of an illustration that escapes the attention of a child, and this means that to create art for children is to speak to an audience more attuned to the nuances of representation than yourself. This is one of the reasons why the misrepresentation of Indigenous peoples in illustration – or the misrepresentation of other diverse peoples, for that matter – should never be dismissed as being ‘only a picture book’.

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Lighthouse Girl semaphore activity for Anzac Day

Need a last-minute Anzac Day activity? Why not get your students to create and use semaphore flags? The semaphore signalling method was used to communicate important military information, home-front anxieties and, eventually, hopes for a more peaceful world.

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Make a Viking striker

With lots of kids attending the launch of The Last Viking Returns on 10 September 2014
I decided to get creative. Book launches can be notoriously dull, especially when author and illustrator speeches consist mostly of thanking everyone who gave birth to them or helped create the book or once said something kind about them scribbling as a kid that set them on this magical path.   And this list can go on and on and on and – ‘Oops, sorry, was I snoring?’

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Curtin book trailer project

Fremantle Press joined forces with Curtin University’s Department of Film, Television and Screen Arts this semester to produce book trailers for a number of the Press’ new titles.


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Frogmouth colouring-in sheet

Children will enjoy creating their very own How Frogmouth Found Her Home drawings, delighting in the bush creatures and colourful parade of Australian fauna.

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