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Fremantle Press Podcast: Steve Hawke on his sweeping Kimberley epic The Valley

The Valley, Steve Hawke's stunning novel, sweeps across four generations of one family, who have lived hidden away, deep in a secret valley in the Kimberley. In the fourth episode of the Fremantle Press Podcast series, Kate Lomas Glendenning talks to the author about how the Kimberley landscape inspired him, the difference between writing plays and novels, and how The Valley evolved from an unrelenting 'storyworm'.

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Liz Byrski’s ultimate book club

If you could have anyone you wanted at your book club meeting, dead or alive, who would you invite? Great Big Book Club Tea Party ambassador Liz Byrski tells us why diversity in reading is vital to understanding one another and who she would invite to her ultimate book club.

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Introducing the up-and-coming communications and book industry professionals behind the Fremantle Press podcast: Jess Gately

Jess Gately interviewed Susan Midalia about how to combine the elements of traditional romance with a strong political agenda. Jess is from Perth, and is a graduate of ECU, but she is currently studying a Master of Professional Writing and Publishing at Curtin University. She is also one of the founding editors of the zine Underground Writers. This is her first podcast with Fremantle Press.

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