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The Wellington crawl - Book clubs

The Wellington crawl

October 1, 2015

Award-winning author Tracy Farr will be at Wellington LitCrawl on Saturday 14 November for True Stories Told Live. Celebrating independent publishing and collaboration, the annual event takes place at Wellington’s best venues, from bookshops to chocolate factories, art galleries to bars, breweries, cinemas and music shops.

Farr said the event brings together writers in the broadest sense: poets, musicians, novelists, scientists, activists.

'LitCrawl is about celebrating words, and looking at words in different ways,' said the Fremantle Press author.

'True Stories Told Live is storytelling stripped back to basics. When you’re telling a true story, whether the story is funny or sad, whatever the subject, at best there's a level of intimacy between storyteller and audience, and a sense of exposure for the person telling the story,' said Farr.

At True Stories Told Live participants will deliver an eight-minute story inspired by the theme 'waiting'. The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt author will speak alongside New Zealand book editor and author Susanna Andrew, Wellington poet Emma Barnes and New Zealand journalist and author Max Rashbrooke. Farr said she finds it a lot easier to hide behind her fiction but that she is up for the challenge of delivering a true story.

When: 6 pm Saturday 14 November
Where: City Gallery Wellington, Civic SquareBookings: For more information visit