A Docker double act for Broome

7th July 2014

Broome residents are in for a double dose of Peter Docker in the coming weeks. Docker will launch his third novel, Sweet One, at Broome Library on Wednesday 23 July. He will also read his poem ‘My Town’ at Corrugated Lines, a festival of words, at the Aarli Bar in Broome on Friday 8 August.

Sweet One explores the unacknowledged ‘war’ between the Aboriginal people of Australia and other Australians, and the violence many Aboriginal people still experience at the hands of authority.

Docker said he will take the audience at the launch through his writing process before reading a chapter from the novel.

‘To begin with, this was a book that nobody wanted to know about. I will be talking about how and why that changed,’ said Docker.

Docker said his poem ‘My Town’, which he’ll perform at Corrugated Lines, will speak directly to Broome locals.

‘They will have a deeper understanding of the frictions generated in Broome during the time of the gas protests and they may see the shadows of The Woman in Red, The Woman in White, Two Boys Dreaming, and other iconic Broome stories reflected in the text,’ said Docker.

‘Ultimately this deeply personal poem goes to the heart of why Australia, both north and south, remains a deeply divided society,’ said Docker.

The book launch will take place at 6.30pm on Wednesday 23 July at the Broome Library, Hamersley Street.

The Corrugated Lines poem reading will take place at 9pm on Friday 8 August at the Aarli Bar, 16 Hamersley Street, Broome.

For more information please contact Claire Miller,

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