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Fur, The

by Nathan Hobby

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About the Book

Michael Sullivan comes of age on the eve of the new millennium in a small country town in the fur-ravaged western third of Australia. The fur infestation began before he was born: it was always there. Like jungle reclaiming an abandoned city, black plumes of fur burst open cracks in the concrete and soar menacingly over derelict buildings. The state is strictly quarantined from the rest of the country and Michael’s burning desire to escape is matched only by his zeal to stay and play his part in making a better world. Which is it to be — escape or revolution?

The Fur is The Catcher in the Rye for the Third Millennium, a darkly passionate attempt to articulate the struggle between the personal and the political for all those ‘who wish to be great’.

Young Adult, Award Winning
Publication Year
Fremantle Press

Winner, T A G Hungerford Award, 2002

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B Format (198 x 128mm)
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