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  • Messing About in Earnest

    by Nick Burningham

    Take a river journey in a small boat with Nick Burningham at the helm. Messing About in Earnest is a delightful blend of travel writing, history, geography and real-life adventure. Nick drifts down the Swan and Canning Rivers in his trusty boat called Earnest. His book takes the reader on the trip of a lifetime with whimsical and humorous stories…Read more »

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  • Gunna Burn

    by Wendy Jenkins

    Football champion Matt Tognolini said it in an interview — now the heat is on to deliver his best season yet. ‘This year I’m gunna burn.’ Greg Lukin can’t get it out of his head. Or his dream of making the AFL draft in four years time. Gunna burn, not gunna burn out, gunna burn. Read more »

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  • The Big Game

    by Wendy Jenkins

    The leap Greg took was quicker and higher than any he’d made going for a mark. If he’d taken air in a game, this time he took ozone. It was the most important jump he’d ever make. It saved his life. In this sequel to Killer Boots, footy is more than just a game, and the stakes are as high as they get. Read more »

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  • Killer Boots

    by Wendy Jenkins

    Killer Boots, all right. They’d kicked some wicked goals, but Greg was worried. It’d kill him if he had to give them back, and if things went real bad, his mum would kill him too.

    Greg lives for footy — playing and watching. Will this be his best season yet? Read more »

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From the Catalogue

Debut novels to be published in UK

Two more Fremantle Press novels are heading to the UK. The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt by Tracy Farr and The Weaver Fish by Robert Edeson will be published by Aardvark Bureau.

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