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  • Bhutan Heartland

    by Robert van Koesveld & Libby Lloyd

    This stunning photographic journey goes straight to the heart of Bhutan — a Buddhist country on the cusp of opening its doors to the WestRead more »

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  • Wildflower Country: Discovering Biodiversity in Australia's Southwest

    by Stanley Breeden & Kaisa Breeden

    There are few other places on earth where flowers are so all pervasive, so varied and as sumptuous as in south-west Western Australia. It is one of 39 special places in the world, named International Biodiversity Hotspots, where there have been explosions of evolution — veritable cauldrons of species making.

    Award-winning photographers Stanley…Read more »

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  • Pirate Outrages: True Stories of Terror on the China Seas

    by Douglas R.G. Sellick

    You won’t be immune to a frisson of fear as you peruse these gripping stories of piracy on the China seas. After all, piracy is as prevalent today as it was in the early nineteenth and twentieth centuriesRead more »

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  • Beautiful Waste: Poems by David McComb (The Triffids)

    by David McComb edited by Chris Coughran & Niall Lucy

    Brilliant songwriter and lead singer of the Triffids, David McComb died in 1999 leaving behind a legacy of evocative music. Always more than a pop musician, McComb was a perceptive poet who explored and confronted addiction, pop culture, the colloquial and the metaphysical.

    Collected and published for the first time, this is the poetry McComb wrote…Read more »

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  • Vagabond Holes: David McComb and the Triffids

    by Chris Coughran & Niall Lucy

    It has been decades since David McComb’s haunting music and lyrics inspired a generation. Now, thanks to sold-out tribute concerts Australia-wide and the remastering of the complete Triffids oeuvre, a new generation is discovering his life’s workRead more »

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  • Camino Footsteps

    by Malcolm Wells & Kim Wells

    Join the thousands of pilgrims who have walked the ancient Way of St James in Spain. Whether you’re an experienced trekker or an armchair traveller, this warmly written and beautifully illustrated journey will take you into the heart and soul of this historic walk. Read more »

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  • I want to be a Cricketer

    by Sally Carbon & Justin Langer with illustrations by Stewart Gollan

    Jason is bubbling with excitement on his ninth birthday when he’s given a cricket ball and some advice by a famous international player. Join Jason and his mates on their journey from spectator to State Squad, facing fired-up bowlers and unleashing balls at well-drilled and crafty batsmen, as they learn the mental and physical skills needed to make…Read more »

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  • Rhythms of the Kimberley

    by Russell Guého & Tim Winton

    A beautiful production with over 100 full-colour photographs, Rhythms of the Kimberley travels through this stunning, dramatically changing, and always surprising, landscape. Guého looks at both monumental and the seemingly infinitesimal seasonal events — from the massive tides and cataclysmic cyclones to the flowering of plants and the impact of…Read more »

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  • Aegean light: The Spirit of Olympia

    by Nick Melidonis

    ‘To know Greece well, would take a lifetime but to fall in love with it takes only an instant.’ Henry Miller

    The Greece that emerges from the images in these pages is a celebration of the light and of a people who truly represent the spirit of the ancient games. Read more »

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  • The Sixties: An Irreverent Guide

    by Eoin Cameron

    Desert boots, micro minis and winklepickers; Dusty, Ringo and ‘The Purple People Eater’; Easy Rider, Blow Up and Beach Blanket Bingo; stomps, cabarets and Woodstock; Gilligan’s Island, Graeme Kennedy and Homicide; kegs, nashos, the pill and student demos. Eoin Cameron recalls the ’60s in gory detail and with no insight what-so-ever, because…Read more »

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