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Welcome to our book club page. The latest and most popular reads for book clubs are listed below. Downloadable book club notes are available for most books. Just click on the book’s page or check out our complete, alphabetised list . For more information, author bookings, free review copies featured on Good Reads or anything else contact me, Claire,

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The Weaver Fish by Robert Edeson

The Weaver Fish

by Robert Edeson

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  • Sweet One

    by Peter Docker

    When a senior Aboriginal war veteran dies horribly at the hands of state government authorities, Izzy, a journalist and daughter of a war veteran herself, flies to the goldfields of Western Australia to cover his death. But Izzy is about to learn that for every action there is an equal and bloody reaction. On the trail of the vigilantes, she finds herself…Read more »

    Coming Soon

  • How I became the Mr Big of People Smuggling

    by Martin Chambers

    Nick Smart is fresh out of school, a wet-behind-the-ears jackaroo on a gap year. But at Palmenter Station, nothing is what it seems. Nick is about to discover there’s a lot of grey between black and white, between legal and illegal and between right and wrong. Read more »

    Coming Soon

  • The Weaver Fish

    by Robert Edeson

    Help us celebrate the release of the 2012 T.A.G. Hungerford Award winning novel. Buy The Weaver Fish and select a free book club novel from Fremantle Press.

    Cambridge linguist Edvard Tøssentern, presumed dead, reappears after a balloon crash. When he staggers in from a remote swamp, gravely ill and swollen beyond recognition, his colleagues…Read more »

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  • Reality

    by Ray Glickman

    Six people have been chosen at random. Without their knowledge, Kathy, Mario, Garry, Hannah, Robert and Julia are about to participate in the ultimate game of manipulation.

    A stranger brings them together, but can this ruthless puppeteer really be held responsible for the choices they make? In the end, who is to blame for their actions: for their…Read more »

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  • Salt Story

    by Sarah Drummond

    Salt Story is the fastest selling new release for 2013/2014. New stock is now available. Order the title from your local bookstore or press the buy button.

    In this warm, lively, salty account of living on and by the sea, Drummond writes of fishing and feuds, of life as an apprentice fisherwoman, and of all the fish that got away.

    Salt StoryRead more »

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  • Getting Warmer

    by Alan Carter

    Cato Kwong is back. Back in Boom Town and back on a real case – the unsolved mystery of a missing fifteen-year-old girl. But it’s midsummer in the city of millionaires and it’s not just the heat that stinks. A pig corpse, peppered with nails, is uncovered in a shallow grave and a body, with its throat cut, turns up in the local nightclub. As a…Read more »

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  • The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt

    by Tracy Farr

    This is the story of Dame Lena Gaunt: musician, octogenarian, junkie.

    Lena is Music’s Most Modern Musician; the first theremin player of the twentieth century.

    From the obscurity of a Perth boarding school to a glittering career on the world stage, Lena Gaunt’s life will be made and torn apart by those she gives her heart to.

    Praise for…Read more »

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  • Now Showing

    by Ron Elliott

    ‘With the whip-crack tenacity of a Raymond Chandler novel, we are pushed right into the heart of the action and emerge breathless and bloodied. Hop into the driver’s seat alongside a cast of drifters, psychotics and hapless losers.’
    Reg Cribb, playwright, screenwriter, actor

    For the price of two movie tickets, Ron Elliott’s criminally good…Read more »

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  • Harmless

    by Julienne van Loon

    Full of suspense, Harmless, is the tightly woven story of eight year old Amanda, whose father is in prison, and Rattuwat, a Thai man burying his daughter in a strange land.

    Abandoning their broken-down car on the way to the prison’s visiting hour, Amanda and Rattuwat venture into the trackless scrub of Australia’s outer suburbs. As the day…Read more »

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  • Elsewhere in Success

    by Iris Lavell

    In a suburb called Success, failure is not an option.
    Harry and Louisa look like an ordinary couple. They live in an ordinary house in an ordinary street in a suburb called Success. Harry says it is better to let sleeping dogs lie. But Buster their dog isn’t one for lying still, and even Harry can’t resist digging up the lawnmower he finds buried…Read more »

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