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  • Conversations I've never had

    by Caitlin Maling

    In her debut collection, award-winning talent Caitlin Maling explores coming of age in contemporary Australia. Writing from Perth, Houston and Cambridge, Maling’s early years to adulthood are told through the lens of the Australian landscape. For young settler Australians this is a place that both defines and undermines identity. A place that claims…Read more »

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  • Sack

    by John Kinsella

    This most recent collection from John Kinsella takes its title from a poem of the same name. In the metaphor of the sack tumbling downstream with its cargo of drowned kittens lie layers of use, meaning and representation: love, cruelty, the pastoral, colonisation, landscape and identityRead more »

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  • Emptiness: Asian Poems 1998–2012

    by John Mateer

    From the teeming cities of Singapore, Tokyo and Beijing to the quiet of a Malaccan street, a Honshu mountain or even a Malay cemetery in Cape Town, Mateer’s journeys are out into the unknown world and deep into the mindRead more »

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  • Swamp: Walking the Wetlands of the Swan Coastal Plain

    by Nandi Chinna

    Chinna uncovers the lost places that exist beneath the townscape of Perth. For the last four years the poet has walked the wetlands of the Swan Coastal Plain – and she has walked the paths and streets where the wetlands once were.

    Chinna writes with great poignancy and beauty of our inability to return, and the ways in which we can use the dual…Read more »

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  • Unearthed

    by Tracy Ryan

    Unearthed is a collection of elegies for dead friends and a tribute to Ryan’s embattled but joyous life on a bush block. In a long sequence addressed to her Swiss-German first husband, Ryan delves into unresolved grief and the ambivalent feelings that remain after severing intense relationships. Unearthed is Tracy Ryan’s seventh full-length…Read more »

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  • Fremantle Poets 3: Performance Poets

    by John Charles Ryan edited by Scott-Patrick Mitchell

    In Fremantle Poets 3, editor Scott-Patrick Mitchell brings together the work of twelve performance poets from the west coast. These poems exist in the mediated tension between the page and their other, electric, life when spoken aloud.

    With accompanying audio performances available to download, and an introduction by Rebecca Giggs, this collection…Read more »

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  • Internal Monologues

    by Danijela Kambaskovic

    In this book of poems, arranged in four cycles, the speakers are archetypal lovers who tell of great love gone wrong: Minerva addresses Jupiter; Iseult speaks to Tristan; Cupid longs for Psyche. Elsewhere Hamlet speaks to Ophelia; Venus to Mars; Mary to Joseph; Rapunzel to her prince; and the Child to SantaRead more »

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  • Two with Nature

    by John Charles Ryan with illustrations by Ellen Hickman

    Ellen Hickman is an illustrator and botanical scientist who captures the natural world in layers of fine detail and colour.

    John Ryan is a writer whose botanical poetry explores what he calls the inherently mysterious nature of the plant world.

    Fusing art and science, words and images, Two with Nature stimulates new ways of knowing the greeRead more »

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  • Looking out from Bashan: the republic of Og

    by Mark Reid

    Og is the last survivor of the giant races of the Old Testament, doomed to conquest by God’s chosen people on their way to the Promised Land. Og is not only the king of the last of his people but, as a giant amongst ordinary sized humans, he also represents the monster within.

    An exciting new collection of poems linked by a strong narrative into…Read more »

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  • The Land's Meaning

    by Randolph Stow edited by John Kinsella

    Alternately prolific and silent, Randolph Stow won the Miles Franklin Literary Award in 1958 and the Patrick White Award in 1979.

    In The Land’s Meaning, John Kinsella brings together selected works of one of Australia’s finest poets. Including previously uncollected pieces, the volume’s wide ranging introduction provides a rich context for…Read more »

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Film and television rights sold

Whoa Flamingo has optioned the film and television rights to Fremantle Press children’s titles Mystery at Riddle Gully and Riddle Gully Runaway, both by Jen Banyard.

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