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Women of Note: The Rise of Australian Women Composers

by Rosalind Appleby

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About the Book

In the early twentieth century being a female composer was a dangerous game; one composer was diagnosed as mentally insane by her psychiatrist husband, several achieved success only after their divorces and often the only way to get their music published was to lie about their gender. Still, the allure of writing music enticed women from all walks of life, and from the convent and the nappy-change table women began to compose.

Music journalist Rosalind Appleby takes a fresh look at Australia’s history and makes some startling discoveries about the contribution of women to Australian classical music. Women of Note puts together the missing pieces of history with well-researched snapshots of twenty women composers spanning the twentieth century to present day.

‘Skilfully balancing information about the careers of featured composers with insightful information about their music this is a rewarding, timely read. VERDICT: FASCINATING AND INFORMATIVECourier Mail

‘… an important resource.’ The Weekend Australian

‘This volume is not only important but comforting.’ Quadrant

‘This much-welcomed book profiles those women, largely unacknowledged, who stand as the major landmarks in the Australian musical landscape.’ John Davis, CEO Australian Music Centre, President International Society for Contemporary Music

‘… the product of thorough research expressed in engaging writing that is enlightening without being didactic. Appleby is to be congratulated, along with the West Australian Department of Culture and the Arts and Fremantle Press, which were insightful enough to consider this project ‘worth the effort’.’ Australian Book Review

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