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  • Remembered by Heart

    by Sally Morgan

    ‘You can’t change the past, but you can live a different future.’ Bronwyn Bancroft

    ‘These stories are powerful: sharing pain, humour, grief, hope and pride. Pride in family, community and survival. Pride in being Aboriginal.’ Sally Morgan

    From life in the desert to growing up on a mission, enduring devastating policies in the 1930s to bravely…Read more »

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  • Dreamers

    by Ezekiel Kwaymullina with illustrations by Sally Morgan

    We are the dream and the dreamers — so begins this beautifully written story that celebrates the imagination of children at play. Complemented by Sally Morgan’s rich and colourful illustrations, the book is full of movementRead more »

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  • Badudu Stories

    by May O'Brien with illustrations by Angela Leaney

    What’s it like for an Aboriginal child to move from a remote community college to a mainstream school? These are true stories written from the child’s perspective.

    ‘The experiences of the children in the stories and the brief explanation of the stories by May L. O’Brien at the conclusion of the book offer students an excellent…Read more »

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  • In Your Dreams new edition

    by Sally Morgan with illustrations by Bronwyn Bancroft

    Susie is supposed to write about what she wants to be when she grows up. But she doesn’t have a clue! When she has a series of puzzling dreams, Gran encourages her to think about their deeper meaning and Susie soon finds she knows what to write after all.

    Bestselling author Sally Morgan teams up with Bronwyn Bancroft on a beautiful picture book…Read more »

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  • Waarda series for young readers: Lilli and Shadow in Trouble

    by Laura Dudgeon & Sabrina Dudgeon with illustrations by Sally Morgan & Tracey Gibbs

    Lilli and Shadow are reunited in an exciting new adventure – only this time it’s Shadow that needs Lilli’s help.

    Someone, or something, has taken over Shadow’s home in the big old mango tree. With Nan to lend them a hand, they must find the best solution for everyone.

    About the Waarda Series
    Waarda, Nyungar for talking and sharing stories…Read more »

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  • Kayang & Me new edition

    by Kim Scott & Hazel Brown

    Wilomin Noongar. What does that mean? Aunty Hazel reckons the wilo (curlew) can completely camouflage itself. It closes its eyes and just lies there, motionless. You only see it when its eyes open. So sometimes those of us who are disconnected and dispossessed only become visible when our eyes are opened to history. Acknowledging our people — wanting…Read more »

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  • How Frogmouth Found her Home PB

    by Ambelin Kwaymullina

    Frogmouth isn’t like the other birds. She doesn’t want to live in the trees. Frogmouth is in search of something more.

    Frogmouth travels the land hunting for a new nesting place, but nothing feels right. On her way, she helps other animals find their true homes, but still she searchesRead more »

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  • Kimberley Stories

    by Sandy Toussaint

    There are a thousand ways to connect to country. Kimberley Stories is one of them. Once known, never forgotten, the Kimberley gets under your skin.

    Kimberley Stories tunes readers into one of Australia’s most intriguing and exotic regions via the work of talented authors and artists.

    Interweaving fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry…Read more »

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  • Waarda series for young readers: Yippee! Summer Holidays

    by Tjalaminu Mia & Jessica Lister with illustrations by Tracey Gibbs & Sally Morgan

    Debbie and Billy just love the summer holidays, especially when their grandfather comes to stay. They have lots of fun racing tyres and telling stories together. But best of all Debbie likes the special times she has with Dada Keen and the wonderful places he shows her.

    About the Waarda Series
    Waarda, Nyungar for talking and sharing stories and…Read more »

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  • Larrakitj

    by Anne Marie Brody

    In the proudly ancient Yolngu heartlands larrakitj were used to contain the bones of the deceased during mortuary ceremonies. Today, artists from Arnhem Land’s Buku-Larrnggay Mulka arts centre produce modern larrakitj for the education of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

    Collected for a decade, the larrakitj collection of 110 Yolngu memorial…Read more »

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