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  • Our State of Mind

    by Quentin Beresford & Paul Omaji

    In 1937, the Commonwealth Government and the States resolved to adopt as official policy the removal of Aboriginal children from their families. That policy envisaged the ultimate disappearance of the Aboriginal race. Although this policy was replaced after the Second World War with assimilation, much of the underlying purpose remained. Our State of…Read more »

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  • Timber for Gold

    by Bill Bunbury

    We was like one family there, all together, especially on the weekend. On a Saturday afternoon, we’d go in the bush, have a few beers and enjoy ourselves. That was what we used to do, the bush, home, cook, well cook what you can, because you can’t get nobody to cook for you. No restaurants there. About eight or nine, go to sleep. Monday morning, sharpen…Read more »

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  • Ancestors

    by Jan Ryan

    The small number of Chinese gardeners who are etched in our memories are but a modest reminder of the Chinese who worked, died or sojourned in Western Australia in the nineteenth century. Ancestors offers an important understanding of the history of Chinese in Western Australia, where they came from, why they came, and how they lived in the colony.Read more »

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  • Sort of a Place Like Home

    by Susan Maushart

    Set amongst the low scrub of the Mogumber sand plain north of Perth, the Moore River Native Settlement was, for thirty years, ‘sort of a place like home’ for thousands of Aboriginal people. Alternately sanctuary, work camp, orphanage, prison and rural idyll, the settlement was part of a bold social experiment by the Chief Protector of Aborigines A O…Read more »

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  • Pila Nguru - The Spinifex People

    by Scott Cane

    It was 1952 and the Spinifex People were about to meet white Australia.

    The People of the Sun and Shadow, the Spinifex People, were cocooned within the Spinifex plains of the Western Desert, for hundreds of generations until shaken from their nomadic solitude by the atomic shock of Maralinga. When they returned to their homelands in the 1980s…Read more »

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