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  • No Ordinary Determination

    by Jeff Hatwell

    An epic tale of two ordinary individuals thrown into the extraordinary and surreal world of the Gallipoli campaign as soldiers of the First AIF in WWI.

    Percy Black and Harry Murray were plain hard-working Australians whose paths crossed in Western Australia when they enlisted in support of country and empire. The powerful narrative paints a complex…Read more »

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  • Koombana Days

    by Annie Boyd

    The elegant, ultra-modern S.S. Koombana arrived in Western Australia in March 1909. After only three years of Nor’-West service, the ship and her entire complement disappeared in a late-summer cyclone off the Pilbara coast. The vessel has never been found and the tragedy remains unexplained.

    Koombana Days is the story of the ship and of the…Read more »

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  • Salt Story

    by Sarah Drummond

    Salt Story is the fastest selling new release for 2013/2014. New stock is now available. Order the title from your local bookstore or press the buy button.

    In this warm, lively, salty account of living on and by the sea, Drummond writes of fishing and feuds, of life as an apprentice fisherwoman, and of all the fish that got away.

    Salt StoryRead more »

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  • Celebrating Word and Image 1250-1600: Illuminated Manuscripts from the Kerry Stokes Collection

    by Margaret M. Manion & Charles Zika

    The Kerry Stokes Collection is one of the most significant and respected private collections of art and historical material in Australia. Celebrating Word and Image 1250-1600: Illuminated Manuscripts from the Kerry Stokes Collection features a select group of twelve handmade books or ‘manuscripts’. Each makes a distinct contribution to the history…Read more »

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  • A Gun for a Fountain Pen

    by George Murray Levick

    There is nothing like the Antarctic for sending the schemes of mice and men all to blazes.

    George Murray Levick’s journal demonstrates the courage and endurance of the men who took part in Scott’s British Antarctic Expedition. This very personal document provides insight into the extraordinary world in which they lived and their courage in…Read more »

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  • Penguins and Primus

    by Harry Dickason

    In summer clothes, with only eight weeks worth of provisions, six men found themselves trapped at Terra Nova Bay. These men, members of the the ill-fated British Antarctic Expedition, were forced to winter in a snow cave eating only penguin and seal meat before trekking the 230 miles back to base campRead more »

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  • Kayang & Me New Edition

    by Kim Scott & Hazel Brown

    Wilomin Noongar. What does that mean? Aunty Hazel reckons the wilo (curlew) can completely camouflage itself. It closes its eyes and just lies there, motionless. You only see it when its eyes open. So sometimes those of us who are disconnected and dispossessed only become visible when our eyes are opened to history. Acknowledging our people — wanting…Read more »

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  • Women of Note: The Rise of Australian Women Composers

    by Rosalind Appleby

    ‘This much-welcomed book profiles those women, largely unacknowledged, who stand as the major landmarks in the Australian musical landscape.’
    John Davis, CEO Australian Music Centre, President International Society for Contemporary Music

    In the early twentieth century being a female composer was a dangerous game; one composer was diagnosed…Read more »

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  • Warriors of the Rainbow eBook

    by Robert (Bob) Hunter

    This is the story of early Greenpeacers sailing around the Pacific, bickering over internal politics, risking their lives and staving off bankruptcy while somehow managing to start a global movement.

    One part action adventure and one part memoir, this gripping and moving account of the birth of Greenpeace was written by one of the movement’s first…Read more »

  • A Tale For Our Generation

    by Henry Bowers & Edward Wilson

    January 2012 will mark the centenary of Robert Falcon Scott’s arrival at the South Pole with his team. After a gruelling 11 month journey, on reaching the South Pole, Scott was to discover the tent and flag of the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, who had achieved the goal just weeks earlier with his men. Tragically Scott’s entire party died on…Read more »

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