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  • Bad Seed ebook

    by Alan Carter

    When wealthy property developer Francis Tan and his family are found slain in their mansion, Cato Kwong is forced to recall a personal history that makes his investigation doubly painful. The killer is elusive and brutal, and the investigation takes Cato to Shanghai. In a world of spoilt rich kids and cyber dragons, Cato is about to discover a whole…Read more »

  • Black Light ebook

    by K.A. Bedford

    Black Light is a brilliant read – a paranormal thriller that goes straight to the mysteries of the human heart.’ David Whish-Wilson

    This cracking supernatural crime mystery from the winner of the Aurealis Award has all the cosy intrigue of a BBC TV period drama.

    Ruth Black, an English novelist left widowed by the mysterious death of her…Read more »

  • Riddle Gully Runaway ebook

    by Jen Banyard

    When junior reporter Pollo implicates the Mayor’s nephew in a spate of local robberies, she sets in train a series of mishaps that only she, her friend Will and her faithful sheep sidekick Shorn Connery can set to rights. Read more »

  • White Knuckle Ride ebook

    All that is thrilling and with a taste of the criminal, from some well-loved Western Australian authors including Alan Carter, Amanda Curtin, Peter Docker, Jon Doust, Dave Warner and others.

    Fiction is a safe way to go to dark places. These are stories will tease, tantalise and unsettle. A little light summer reading from the dark side … Read more »

  • On a small island ebook

    by Kyle Hughes-Odgers

    On a small island, in a gigantic sea, lives Ari. Ari longs for the large ships to stop at his island, he longs to see remarkable things and to have interesting friends. On a small island, in a gigantic sea, Ari has an idea. A dazzling idea. An irresistible idea…

    ‘There is a gentleness to the tone and pace of the book, and…Read more »

  • The Break ebook

    by Deb Fitzpatrick

    Rosie and Cray chuck in their city jobs for Margaret River while Liza, Ferg and Sam have been there forever, working the family farm. Under pressure from developers the families unite against change. But when a natural disaster strikes, change is inevitable. Read more »

  • Crashing Down ebook

    by Kate McCaffrey

    Lucy is in Year 12 and under pressure to succeed. The last thing she needs now is an intense boyfriend. Breaking up with Carl feels like the only way to keep her dreams on track.

    But good decisions can have bad consequences. And leaving Carl is going to be a whole lot harder than Lucy could ever have imagined. Read more »

  • Sweet One ebook

    by Peter Docker

    ‘This extraordinary novel combines the grip and pull of a good thriller with the complexity, intelligence and passion of a writer with plenty to say and exceptional talent to say it.’
    Sydney Morning Herald / The Age / Canberra Times

    ‘Docker has cleverly intervwoven his fiction with the political issue – the treatment of Indigenous people…Read more »

  • How I became the Mr Big of People Smuggling ebook

    by Martin Chambers

    Nick Smart is fresh out of school, a wet-behind-the-ears jackaroo on a gap year. But at Palmenter Station, nothing is what it seemsRead more »

  • Remembered by Heart ebook

    by Sally Morgan

    ‘You can’t change the past, but you can live a different future.’ Bronwyn Bancroft

    ‘These stories are powerful: sharing pain, humour, grief, hope and pride. Pride in family, community and survival. Pride in being Aboriginal.’ Sally Morgan

    From life in the desert to growing up on a mission, enduring devastating policies in the 1930s to bravely…Read more »

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From the Catalogue

Polain launches novel in Armenia

Fremantle Press author Marcella Polain is heading to the nineteenth Literary Ark Festival to launch the Armenian translation of her novel The Edge of the World.

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