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  • No Ordinary Determination ebook

    by Jeff Hatwell

    The Sydney Morning Herald called it an ‘engrossing and well-told story’ and Herald Sun said it was ‘in a word: inspiring’.

    This is the epic tale of Percy Black and Harry Murray — two plain hard-working Australians whose paths crossed when they enlisted in support of country and empire.

    Thrown into the extraordinary and surreal world of…Read more »

  • Reality ebook

    by Ray Glickman

    Reality explores our fascination with reality TV when its unnamed narrator, bored with his easy successes elsewhere, selects six strangers and makes their lives collide.

    In the end, who is to blame for their actions – for their deceit, infidelity and crime? The reader is implicated as much as the six subjects in this dark and pacy read. Read more »

  • Koombana Days ebook

    by Annie Boyd

    The elegant, ultra-modern S.S. Koombana arrived in Western Australia in March 1909. She served the Nor’-West coast for only three years before disappearing in a late-summer cyclone off the Pilbara coast with 156 passengers and crew on boardRead more »

  • Salt Story ebook

    by Sarah Drummond

    A collection of ‘ripping yarns, beautiful lies and a few home truths’, Salt Story is fisherwoman and social historian Sarah Drummond’s account of living on and by the sea, and of the local fisher dynasties whose livelihood is under threat.

    Salt Story is a tribute to sea-dogs, fisherwomen, oystermen and storytellers everywhere.

    Praise…Read more »

  • Getting Warmer ebook

    by Alan Carter

    It’s midsummer in the city of millionaires and things are getting hot. Cato Kwong is back in town, investigating the unsolved mystery of a missing fifteen-year-old girl. But in Boom Town, it’s not just the heat that stinks. The corpse of a pig, peppered with nails, is uncovered in a shallow grave. A body, with its throat cut, turns up in the local…Read more »

  • Shimmer ebook

    by Jennifer McBride & Lynda Nixon

    Kora is a powerful genie sent away against her will. Her homeland is threatened and she’s been banished to earth for her own safetyRead more »

  • The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt ebook

    by Tracy Farr

    Lena Gaunt, theremin player of legend, is Music’s Most Modern Musician. Inspired by Dame Lena’s final performance, filmmaker Mo Patterson approaches her to make a film about her life. With the unfolding of her story comes the slow opening of Lena’s heart, closed for so many years against old loves and old griefs. And through her long and intriguing…Read more »

  • And then like my dreams ebook

    by Margaret Rose Stringer

    ‘An intimate and deeply moving insight into a close and loving relationship against a backdrop of the Australian film industry.’ David Stratton

    ‘This most moving, heart-warming story of two lovers, soul mates, will touch everyone who enjoys romance in all its aspects – the laughter, the tears, true love, and loss.’ Ian Crawford

     This…Read more »

  • Now Showing ebook

    by Ron Elliott

    ‘… recline, grab the popcorn and let his collection of offbeat characters take you on an enjoyable cinematic ride.’ The West Australian

    For the price of two movie tickets, Ron Elliott’s criminally good mini novels bring cinema’s best known genres to the page. Celebrate the celluloid as you read your way into a noir movie, romantic farce…Read more »

  • The Amazing Spencer Gray ebook

    by Deb Fitzpatrick

    Spencer Gray is twelve – finally old enough to join Dad in his glider. His mates are going to be so jealous! Going up is awesome – but when disaster strikes, Spencer will need to be nothing short of amazing.

    Praise for the Book
    ‘… this is a brilliant junior fiction read for boys who like adventure stories.’ Scoop Magazine

    ‘This story…Read more »

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Light Horse Boy shortlisted for Book of the Year

Albany-based author Dianne Wolfer was shortlisted twice today for the 2014 Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book of the Year Awards. Read all about it!