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Dress Rehearsal ebook

by Zoe Thurner

About the Book

‘This term we’ve had a bank robbery, an abduction and this crazy show. You kids are running wild, Lara. It’s too much.’

Lara Pearlman has an appetite for life.

She loves acting, vintage clothes and her best friend Oggy. She flirts with Nathan but really likes Blake. She devours muffins with cream and chocolates by the box. Lara’s mum says big girls shouldn’t eat cream, but if rules are made to be broken then Lara’s the girl to do it.

Praise for Dress Rehearsal:
‘… written in a friendly, chatty, humourous style … This is an enjoyable book to read. Thurner’s style of writing in appealing and Lara is a likeable character.’ — Reading Time

‘This story is written in a distinctive and engaging style and is to be thoroughly recommended to Young Adult readers. This Zoe Thurner’s first novel and I can’t wait to read her next book!’ — Buzzwords

‘This is a gritty novel, filled with real characters, and believable conflict.’ — Bookseller+Publisher

‘I know Lara Pearlman, I’ve met her many times … This is a good story, written well.’ — The West Australian

‘With its distinctive and engaging narrative voice, Dress Rehearsal is low on angst, but full of emotion. Set in the lead-up to a school play, it explores the often turbulent world of adolescence and the irresistible and sometimes destructive power of love.’ — Maitland Mercury

LARA Pearlman is a larger-than-life Year 12 student whose relationships with her best friends, Nathan and petite Oggy, change during the development of their drama production.’ — The Australian

‘The characters are refreshingly real … a provocative novel for young adult readers.’ — IC3 The Professional Journal of the WA School Library Association & AISWA Libraries

‘Thurner writes with ease and creates a lovely rhythm …’ — Magpies

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