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Timber for Gold

by Bill Bunbury

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About the Book

We was like one family there, all together, especially on the weekend. On a Saturday afternoon, we’d go in the bush, have a few beers and enjoy ourselves. That was what we used to do, the bush, home, cook, well cook what you can, because you can’t get nobody to cook for you. No restaurants there. About eight or nine, go to sleep. Monday morning, sharpen the axe and start again.

The woodlines are among the untold stories in the history of gold discovery and mining in Australia. The Goldfields had a prodigious appetite for timber and Timber for Gold describes the hard work and bush know-how required to survive the remote and difficult conditions endured by pioneers. Bill Bunbury talks to the men and women who lived through these extraordinary, little-known experiences. They tell of the fear, hardship, despair, courage, joy and above all the wonderful friendships forged from adversity.

History, Current Affairs, Culture & Social History
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Fremantle Press
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9 781863 681971
B+ Format (205 x 138mm)
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