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  • Purple Prose

    by Liz Byrski & Rachel Robertson

    Purple Prose introduces fifteen new works of non-fiction by Australian women writers, each responding to the colour purple. In their hands, purple takes on many meanings. From a story about King George’s coronation gown to pigeon fanciers and the Dockers’ Purple Haze, this is a book for women readers everywhere.

    Purple Prose features new…Read more »

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  • Can a Skeleton Have an X-ray?

    by Kyle Hughes-Odgers

    How does sound taste?
    Do colours smell?
    Why do onions make me cry?
    Who builds the wings for birds to fly?

    Renowned artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers brings his unique vision to these and many other questions. From the practical to the philosophical, this book is guaranteed to fire young imaginations! Read more »

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  • Dust

    by Daniel Craig

    Photographer Daniel Craig captures the personalities of Western Australia’s north – the hardworking men and women of the outback – and the excitement of the muster. This snapshot of life on a cattle station depicts the harsh beauty of the Pilbara in images of dusty light, denim, leather and grit. Read more »

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  • Many Hearts, One Voice: The story of the War Widows’ Guild in Western Australia

    by Melinda Tognini

    When WWII ended, the men who fought and died were not forgotten – but what of their wives and families? For the War Widows’ Guild the fight for rights and recognition had just begun.

    This is the story of how one courageous group of women made a difference to the lives of Australia’s war widows of yesterday and today. Read more »

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  • At My Door

    by Deb Fitzpatrick

    Deliveries usually come in a van. Deliveries are often heavy boxes or oddly shaped padded bags. Deliveries do not come late on a school night. They don’t come in a speeding car. And they don’t cry.

    When Poppy Campbell’s dad opens the front door to find a small, very distressed child clinging to a green blanket, the family try their hardest…Read more »

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  • We All Sleep

    by Ezekiel Kwaymullina with illustrations by Sally Morgan

    Against pink skies kookaburra calls …

    Acclaimed mother-and-son-team Sally Morgan and Ezekiel Kwaymullina take readers on a journey through a day, celebrating the interconnectedness of people and animals in lyrical language and sumptuous colour. Read more »

    Coming Soon

  • Bella and the Wandering House

    by Meg McKinlay with illustrations by Nicholas Schafer

    Bella is very surprised one morning to discover her house has moved in the night – not a lot, just a little. Her parents are too busy to notice, but even they can’t pretend it’s not happening when they wake up to find their house on the banks of a lakeRead more »

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  • Perth new edition

    by Frances Andrijich

    The extraordinary photographs of Frances Andrijich have featured in magazines around the world, but her heart lies in Western Australia. Shooting intuitively and incisively, Andrijich captures Perth and its people like no one else. Brimming with energy, this volume features the latest in Perth’s arts and culture alongside the best of its beaches…Read more »

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  • The Rothschild Prayer Book in Context: Illuminations, paintings and sculptures 1280--1684 from the Kerry Stokes Collection

    by Margaret M. Manion

    The Rothschild Prayer Book is an acknowledged masterpiece of Renaissance manuscript illumination. Acquired by the Kerry Stokes Collection in 2014, it includes miniatures of unsurpassed beauty and refined execution by the most renowned and sought-after illuminators of the era. Here the Rothschild Prayer Book is presented within the wider visual context…Read more »

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