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Coming and Going

by Andra Kins

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The voices of four generations of women weave and blend in this powerful memoir of journey and arrival. Oma, the author’s grandmother, is travelling to Australia as a displaced person; her journal full of sharp observations, uncertainty and longing. Her daughter Gunta, a gifted painter and passionate writer, refuses Australia, its landscapes, colours and forms, maintaining a fierce exile that ends only with her early death from cancer. Gunta’s daughter Andra, a vessel for family expectations and hopes, journeys home with her mother’s ashes. Her daughter Maija travels with her, grieving for Gunta, and seeking her own future as a visual artist. Witness, translator, mediator, Andra Kins weaves a fascinating story about the lives and traditions she has come from, and their interaction with the future.

Biography & Autobiography
Publication Year
Fremantle Press
1 92073 138 5
9 781920 731380
B+ Format (205 x 138mm)
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