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The House of Fiction

by Susan Swingler

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About the Book

Susan Swingler is the step daughter of one of Australia’s most revered writers – Elizabeth Jolley. Abandoned by her father Leonard at the age of four, Susan had no contact with the Jolley family until they found and reclaimed her at the age of twenty-one. Why they were kept apart is the subject of this startling new memoir.

The House of Fiction tells the story of Swingler’s quest to find her father. As she painstakingly traces and documents clues to a better understanding of Leonard, she inadvertently unravels an intricate fiction created by Elizabeth Jolley to protect those she loves.

‘This book is riveting, explosive even, and also deeply moving.’ Australian Book Review

‘Swingler can hold her own against the prose style of her famous stepmother: restrained, detailed and rendered with a beautiful eye and ear.’ The Australian

‘… a fascinating read.’ Sunday Mail Brisbane

‘This is both a heartbreaking and heartwarming story exploring the complexity of relationships; and showing that things are not always as they seem.’ The West Australian

‘… completely fascinating yet admirably calm book …’ Universal Heart Book Club

‘This hotly anticipated memoir (out in May) sheds never-before-seen light on the private world of Elizabeth Jolley.’ Scoop Magazine

‘Swingler herself is a lively, effective and empathetic writer …’ The Advertiser

‘This is a fascinating read.’ Sunday Mail

‘It is written sensitively, spans the world and sheds astonishing light on one of Australia’s top writers (Elizabeth Jolley) and has to be a must read for those who have read Jolley’s work and who have been interested in her.’ Tarrangower Times

‘Compelling.’ Better Homes & Gardens

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