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  • Piercing the Ground

    by Christine Watson

    The stunning paintings from the Western Desert bear more than meets the eye. Christine Watson’s Piercing the Ground stands as a highly original and groundbreaking elucidation of Kutjungka painting and a significant addition to what is known as ‘the anthropology of art’. A fitting tribute to her Indigenous mentors, this book should change the way people…Read more »

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  • Shadow Lines

    by Stephen Kinnane

    Shadow Lines is the story of Jessie Argyle, born in the remote East Kimberley and taken from her Aboriginal family at the age of five, and Edward Smith, a young Englishman escaping the rigid structures of London. In a society deeply divided on racial lines, Edward and Jessie met, fell in love and married against strong opposition. Despite unrelenting…Read more »

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  • In Flanders Fields

    by Norman Jorgensen with illustrations by Brian Harrison-Lever

    An eloquent counterpoint to the senselessness and inhumanity of war, In Flanders Fields tells the story of a young homesick World War I soldier who risks his life to cross the no-man’s land and rescue a robin caught in the barbed wire that separates the opposing forces.

    ‘..Read more »

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  • Bantam

    by Terry Whitebeach & Michael Brown

    Punctuated by dogs and chooks and the daily tragicomedy of small town life, Bantam follows Mick and his mates as they court disaster and struggle to hold on in the roller-coaster ride of life on the dole. Read more »

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  • Watching Lake, The

    by Elaine Forrestal

    Bryn and his family have just moved to a new house by the lake. The area is beautiful, teeming with wildlife. But soon there are scars on the landscape where the houses are being built — bulldozers tear at the earth, the sound of machinery rends the air. Once again the Min Min stirs…And this time, it has chosen Bryn. Read more »

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  • Real Facts of Life, The

    by Geoff Havel

    There are facts of life that we all know, like weekends always start ten minutes after the bell rings on Friday because your teacher keeps you in. Weekends go fast and the school week goes slow and parents are always right — even when they’re wrong. A hilarious story about getting through the weekend and learning the facts of life, whether you want…Read more »

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  • Obsession

    by Julia Lawrinson

    Charlie is fifteen. She’s just moved to a new school and nothing is going right. She’s hanging around with a girl she can’t stand, her mother is a grief-stricken, wine-sodden mess, and she has no one to talk to except the pages of her diary. Everything seems hopeless. And then she meets Kate. Kate is sixteen, she’s a singer, and she’s wonderful. She’s…Read more »

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  • We'll be Married in Fremantle

    by Julie Goyder

    When an old man with Alzheimer’s disease fell in love with a nurse who he seemed to confuse with his fiancĂ©e of long ago, sharing of stories enriched both their lives. Their relationship enlivened ‘Joe’ and challenged the nurse, author Julie Goyder, to rethink her understanding of ‘people like Joe’. Their ‘storying’ moved well beyond protocol or politeness…Read more »

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  • Choices

    by Dianne Wolfer

    Elisabeth’s hand trembled as she lifted the jar of warm liquid. She took a deep breath and poured it over the plastic tester. Then, the blue lines appeared. Elisabeth stared at the tester and knew that now she had to make a choice. Libby or Beth. Pregnant or not.

    Elisabeth has to make the choice of her life. Seventeen and pregnant: does she sacrifice…Read more »

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  • Away with the Birds

    by Errol Broome

    There’s only one thing worse than walking home from school with Mum. That’s when your mum’s the teacher. Nobody wants to talk to you.
    When Sebastian moves to the city with his family, he finds it tough. But a chance encounter with the old man next door, and his pigeons, opens up a whole new and unexpected world. Read more »

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My Superhero selection

My Superhero by Chris Owen and Moira Court has been selected for the prestigious 2014 White Raven list by the International Youth Library.

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