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Monuments and Masons

by Leonie B. Liveris

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About the Book

Did you know that an obelisk with a tapered column at the top symbolises eternal life or that measuring scales are often found on the grave of a person in the legal profession?

Monuments and Masons is a comprehensive telling of this unique industry history – about the monumental masons and the shapes, symbols and fascinating tales attached to their work. Our cemeteries are filled with countless styles of monuments and memorials, from the ostentatiously grand to the simple and understated.

Blending with the cemetery landscape they can be easily overlooked but closer inspection reveals a historical tapestry and a part of Western Australia’s social history that is, by and large, relatively untold.

With its stunning pictures and astonishing tales, Monuments and Masons is a must for historians, genealogists, sculptors and anyone fascinated by cemeteries and their imagery.

Art & Photography, Current Affairs, Culture & Social History
Publication Year
Metropolitan Cemeteries Board
978 192 136 1791
Large Format Photographic
Height x Width mm
210 x 280
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