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Beautiful Monster ebook

by Kate McCaffrey

About the Book

It only takes a few blood stained moments for Tessa’s life to change forever. Her brother is dead, and her mum is so deeply enmeshed in grief she might as well be too.

Tessa is left with no-one to turn to but Ned. He’s been her greatest support and staunchest ally, privy to her deepest secrets. It is Ned whose brutal honesty keeps her focussed. Ned who tells her when she isn’t good enough, smart enough or thin enough. Tessa knows he’s right. If she can be perfect, everything will get better.

This is the third novel for young adults from the award-winning writer Kate McCaffrey.

Praise for the Book
‘McCaffrey pulls no punches in laying open a world in which anorexia and bulimia are used as weapons in the battle for self-esteem.’ — Magpies

‘…McCaffrey has a way of capturing the teenage voice and making her characters real. A must-read for teenage girls.’ — The West Australian

‘An involving read to begin a discussion around important issues.’ — Courier Mail

‘This is a topical and moving story of an all-too familiar problem.’ — Reading Time

‘The poetic prose style is an excellent medium for expressing Tess’ self-awareness and heightened perceptions …’ —_Viewpoint_

‘The novel is engaging, spirited and addictive.’ — Sun Herald

‘Australian teenagers will connect to this sad but ultimately realistic story.’ — Australian Women Online

‘The story is fast moving, hard-hitting and thought provoking.’ — Good Reading

‘Simple and effective writing takes the reader straight into issues affecting the health of the teenage mind and the complexity of aiming for perfection.’ — Scan

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