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Eirlys Richards

Eirlys Richards was born in Collie, Western Australia and began her working life as a primary school teacher. In the late sixties she began studying the Walmajarri language with the goal of literacy teaching and bible translation. This work took her to Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley, where many of the Walmajarri people from the desert had come to live. Now living in Broome, Eirlys maintains her link with Walmajarri people through occasional language projects.

Other Books by this Author

  • Out of the Desert: Stories from the Walmajarri exodus
  • Marnu Manpangu Walmajarri Murlanga: Walmajarri word book
  • Minya Man pangu Marnu Yapajangka: Stories from our childhood
  • Walmajarri-English Dictionary

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